Us Having Some Fun During Our Engagement Photos

About a year ago my soon to be fiance was sitting next to me explaining a new job opportunity he had in Atlanta. The problem? I had just accepted my first post-MBA position in Houston. We agreed… it’s only one year.

Well it’s now one year later and he has just accepted a position in Kalamazoo, MI. And, you guessed it, I’m still in Houston. Now one year has turned to two.

Deciding to live apart during our engagement and our first year of marriage is, well, hard, and much of the advice I’ve found hasn’t resonated. So, I thought I could offer some advice to other couples on how we have learned to love through distance.

I hope you enjoy our blog and if you find yourself in a long distance relationship, please share your tips and tricks. We aren’t experts and would LOVE new ideas on how you make a long-distance relationship work.

About Us:

We are pretty much your typical newlywed couple (except the living on opposite sides of the country part). We are in our early 30’s, just trying to figure out how to live a happy life together. We LOVE trying new foods , exercising together and exploring new places.


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